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Aerial corridor construction kicks off in Futian CBD area


FUTIAN District recently began construction on the first phase of aerial corridors connecting major buildings in the district's CBD area, near Lianhua Hill Park, as the first step of building up an aerial space friendly to pedestrians, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

According to the report, the first phase of construction mainly focuses on building 11 elevators and one set of outdoor escalators. The construction and design project is being jointly carried out by Shum Yip Group Ltd., CCDI Shenzhen, China State Construction Engineering Corp. and Arup.

Futian CBD is the base of many financial firms in Shenzhen, the city's administrative and cultural center, and also functions as Shenzhen's transportation hub. As nearly 90 percent of the land resources are already taken up in Futian, and most of the underground space is also used for major public transport infrastructure, like the Metro and high-speed railway stations, the district has decided to turn to aerial space.

Building up aerial corridors connecting key buildings and public spaces is considered a significant measure to better link the area.

Based on a draft proposal that sought public opinion last June, the aerial corridors are designed to cover an area of approximately 4 square kilometers, which is enclosed by the four main roads in Futian District, namely Hongli Road, Caitian Road, Binhe Boulevard and Xinzhou Road.

The corridors will be constructed into a vertical footpath that pedestrians can use to walk to their destinations in the air without having to cross any busy roads.

Specifically, according to the proposal, 23 new corridors will be built and four existing aerial pathways will undergo renovations. There will also be two corridors passing through buildings.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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