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City plans to build leisure piers and ferry terminals


THE city is planning to build 16 piers and terminals for leisure and passenger water transport, according to a draft plan posted Monday by the Shenzhen Municipal Transport Commission on its official WeChat account, the Nanfang Daily reported.

The draft has been released to the public to solicit public opinions and suggestions on the plan.

According to the draft, there will be two major areas with leisure piers and ferry terminals in the east and west parts of the city. Western Shenzhen will have eight ferry terminals for tourism cruises and shipping boats, while the east will have eight piers mainly for leisure activities.

A total of five areas across the city will have piers and terminals constructed, namely the Shenzhen airport, Qianhai, Shenzhen Bay, Yantian and Dapeng Peninsula areas. Six of the 16 piers planned in the draft are wharves currently operating.

Each of the piers will be designed with different functions, with some serving as terminals. There are currently two ferry terminals in Shenzhen with access to Hong Kong, Macao, Zhuhai and other areas. A ferry terminal is planned in Qianhai for businesspeople in the area to commute between Shenzhen and Hong Kong by boat.

Some other piers will be built mainly for leisure activities and tourism. For instance, a dock for sightseeing boats, speedboats, motorboats and fishing boats has been considered for Dapeng Peninsula. Other leisure piers are mainly planned in eastern Shenzhen.

Besides the ferry terminals and leisure piers, Shenzhen will also be building public docks, where individuals can anchor their private yachts.

Residents who have suggestions to give on the plan can send emails to the following address: szhsmt2017@163.com.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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