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Park blueprint sketched out


A computer-generated image of Danaoke Mountain Park.

THE blueprint for the construction of Danaoke Mountain Park has been sketched out by optimizing the winning designs, the Longhua administration of the city's urban planning, land and resources commission announced Friday.

The mountain-top park with a 360-degree panorama outlook, known as the Shenzhen edition of The Peak in Hong Kong, will include a lake-side park, a sports park and an ecological corridor that crosses two expressways to link several mountains in the Meilin area, including Meilin Mountain, according to a report in Saturday's Daily Sunshine, quoting urban planning officials in Longhua.

Danaoke Mountain, which stands at 385.4 meters above sea level, is geographically on the central axis of Shenzhen. It lies in the north of Meilin Country Park and between Longhua and Futian business centers. It is the peak of Meilin Mountain and source of Guanlan River.

Two designs stood out at the Conceptual Design of Danaoke Mountain Park Competition, which ended in October.

The No. 5 design, contributed by Pubang Landscape Architecture Co. and Atelier LOIDL Landscape Architecture Berlin GmbH, and No. 1 design by McGregor Coxall (Shanghai) Landscape Design and Consultative Co. won favorable votes from the expert panel.

The total park area is 5.04 square kilometers, according to the No. 5 design.

The experts thought the No. 5 design showed the maximum degree of respect to the ecological environment and manifested a combination of natural and urban landscaping. Some details of the design's landscaping are very innovative, especially the design for the ecological corridor.

The No. 1 design shows the designers' experience with different types of parks that include more elements for urban activities, considers service facilities for emergencies and adopts graded tourist trails, which are good for management and operation, according to the experts.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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