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Alarm system for cab safety debuts


THE first alarm system to ensure cab drivers maintain safe driving habits has been put into use by Shenzhen Pengcheng Electric Cab Service Co.

The system installed in the intelligent terminal, which is mounted on the taxi meters in front of the front passenger seats, can send out an alarm when drivers violate traffic rules, such as speeding, making phone calls or smoking while driving, or if they fail to yield to pedestrians at a crossing without traffic lights.

If drivers fail to correct their behaviors, the operator will remind them to drive safely through the speaker inside the cab.

The city's transport commission encourages other cab operators to use the system after it has been proven effective.

The system was developed on the base of the intelligent terminals that have been installed in the city's cabs since the end of August. The intelligent terminals can automatically calculate a trip and recognize the driver's face. Cab riders can also track the cab's progress, send comments to the operator and pay the fare with WeChat or Alipay.

According to Pengcheng Electric Taxi Service Co., the system can send an alarm for 24 types of behaviors and violations, including distraction, yawning, covering monitoring cameras, illegally crossing the lines between lanes, or even coming too close to other vehicles.

The cab operator can monitor violations and behaviors through the monitoring system and remind drivers through the internal communication system and app.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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