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Creative December offers cultural feast


THE 13th Shenzhen Creative December kicked off in the city yesterday, with 195 cultural activities to be held throughout the month.

Inaugurated in 2005, the monthlong cultural event is aimed at boosting the city's soft power by hosting interactive cultural activities across the city every December.

The opening ceremony of Creative December, themed "New Era, New Creativity," was held at the Art Design Center in Luohu District yesterday. A light show and a creative percussion performance were presented to the audience during the ceremony.

Eleven primary and middle schools were honored as model schools for promoting creativity education in Shenzhen yesterday. According to the organizing committee of Creative December, creativity education is a focus of this year's event.

The committee said a program aimed at promoting creativity education on campus will be launched in the city, while education spaces will be set up in 100 primary and middle schools, offering different cultural activities - such as architectural design, ceramic art and handicrafts classes - to students in the coming year.

The organizing committee will also work with local educational organizations to explore a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education system based on Chinese culture, in a bid to cultivate children's hands-on skills and problem-solving abilities while passing on Chinese craftsmanship.

A total of 195 cultural activities, most of which are family-friendly - such as art festivals, exhibitions and design competitions - are scheduled for the month.

An urban orienteering contest will be held at 100 creative cultural landmarks across the city, which will encourage participants to explore Shenzhen and inspire positive local energy. The contest will kick off at Shenzhen Safari Park on Dec. 16 with 5,000 contestants participating in 1,000 teams.

Initiated by the city government, Creative December is co-organized by Shenzhen Press Group, Shenzhen Media Group, Shenzhen Publication and Distribution Group and the Shenzhen Creative and Cultural Center.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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