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Bao'an launches 'toilet revolution'


IN response to the instruction made by President Xi Jinping that requires the upgrade of the country's toilets as part of the "toilet revolution" aimed at developing domestic tourism and improving people's quality of life, Bao'an District plans to enhance the quality of 355 public toilets from now through 2018, the Shenzhen Evening News reported.

The construction of clean toilets is an important part of pushing urban and rural civilization, and more efforts should be made in both cities and rural areas to upgrade toilets, Xi said in a recent instruction on the achievements of the toilet revolution carried out in the tourism sector.

On the morning of Dec. 1, lawmakers, political advisers and media representatives took part in a spot check of two public toilets in Bao'an - one beside a factory near the airport in Hangcheng Subdistrict and the other inside Xiwan Park.

The toilet in Hangcheng was found to be new and clean, with flowers planted at the entrance. Information on the sanitation workers who are responsible for cleaning the toilet along with a phone number for making complaints was displayed on a label attached to the door.

According to a staffer from the district's urban management bureau, all residents as well as inspectors from the bureau, subdistrict office and communities can grade the sanitation workers based on the hygienic condition of the toilets. The sanitation company will be punished if their staff receive low grades for bad service.

The other inspected public toilet was located inside Xiwan Park in Xixiang Subdistrict. The building, filled with Guangdong features, is hardly recognizable as a public toilet if only judging by the outer appearance. Similar to the previous one, the second public toilet was found to be clean and bright, without any odor.

There are a total of 405 public toilets in Bao'an District. The district's urban management bureau has been upgrading the toilets since 2015. In March 2017, the bureau started a grading system in the district that aimed to improve the management of the toilets.

Statistics show that among the 198 public toilets reviewed under the grading system, 121 qualified as "Star Toilets," five were not yet qualified for grading and 72 were waiting to be graded again following renovations.

The bureau is urging the parties responsible for public venues, including gas stations, markets, shopping malls, bus stations, Metro stations, schools and hospitals, to include their toilets in the grading system.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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