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Coastal boardwalk proposed to link Yantian and Dapeng


A PROPOSAL that suggests linking Yantian District's 19.5-kilometer coastal boardwalk with the boardwalk planned in Dapeng New Area has been handed to the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the committee told a meeting Friday.

The meeting was held to review and give feedback on proposals put forward by political advisers in 2017.

The proposal was raised by the Shenzhen Committee of the China Association for Promoting Democracy (CAPD). The committee pointed out that the tourism attractions, mainly sightseeing spots, in eastern Shenzhen mostly attract day-tour visitors and have suffered from imbalanced revenue, especially during the low seasons. More cultural tourism projects are needed in the area to get more tourists to stay longer and spend more.

Thus, the proposal is encouraging tourism development plans that seek to integrate more resources to make the area more competitive in tourism. For instance, it was recommended that the coastal boardwalk under construction in Dapeng New Area be connected with the existing coastal track in Yantian District.

According to the proposal, various shops, restaurants, museums and leisure points will be set up along the joint coastal boardwalk to make it a comprehensive leisure spot that combines cultural, tourism and ecological elements.

In response to the proposal, the Shenzhen Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau replied that the city government has already allocated land resources and authorized district-level governments to consider better tourism development plans. Related government departments are currently working on the plans.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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