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Gender equity promoted


U.N. officials, local entrepreneurs and experts gathered in Futian District on Friday to discuss ways of improving gender equality and what role men can play in supporting women.

U.N. Women Country Programme Manager, Julia Broussard, deputy secretary general of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Liu Jiachen, and founder of China Vanke Co., Wang Shi, were among the guest speakers invited to the event.

Broussard said at the annual International Conference on Gender Equity and Corporate Social Responsibility that the government, corporations, NGOs and colleges should work as one to promote gender equity and eliminate discrimination.

"There are two ways for companies to do it. One is to build their social responsibility through external approaches and the other is to make internal policies. To educate not only female but also male employees about the things they can do to promote gender equality," said Broussard.

"In Vanke, we have created a scientific system to help manage human resources. We use figures to identify our employees' health conditions and their specialties when assigning tasks. We value the contributions of women and understand their needs. There is still a gap between the reality and the ideal world, but overall our society is improving in gender issues," said Wang.

According to McKinsey's research, when women and men are given the same opportunities in a business environment, women will make an extra US$28,000 billion for the global GDP by 2025.

The conference was first initiated in 2015.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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