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List of top 100 SZ firms released


A LIST of the top 100 enterprises registered in Shenzhen this year was released Thursday for public notification until Wednesday. Among the top firms, Ping An Insurance Group, Huawei Technologies and China Merchants Bank took the first three places, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.

Based on international rules, participating enterprises must be registered in Shenzhen. The campaign studied qualified enterprises according to indices including revenue, taxation, net profit, shareholders' equity, total assets, R&D spending and headcount, among others. The final list of the top 100 was based solely on business revenue.

This year's campaign has obtained great support from the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Government as well as many other social forces. A total of 426 enterprises in Shenzhen registered, or were recommended by industrial associations, to join the ranking

Since 2003, the Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation (SEC) has been collaborating with Shenzhen Economic Daily to rank Shenzhen enterprises by referring to the top 500 enterprises list released by the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC). The campaign is aimed at studying the present state of large-scale companies in Shenzhen and providing trustworthy information, the Daily report said.

After three months of research, the judging panel eventually confirmed the top 100 list and has publicized it to seek opinions from the public. Any organization or individual that has a dissenting opinion regarding the list can contact the panel by calling 8352-2478 or 8352-2977.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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