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Joint command to regulate shared bikes, deliveries


SHENZHEN traffic police set up its joint command center for shared transport Thursday to handle violations related to shared bikes, shared vehicles and bikes used for courier and delivery services.

With the popularization of shared bikes, traffic police have faced increasing tasks in managing traffic violations. Illegal parking and other violations, such as occupying motor lanes and running red lights, have posed threats to safety.

"Through the commanding platform, police partnering with operators can share information on violators efficiently, respond quickly and impose punishment swiftly," said Zhou Chao, a director with the center. The joint command can monitor the number of bikes in designated areas to prevent congestion.

Since the first shared bikes appeared in Shenzhen last October, the eight operators registered in the city are operating 890,000 bikes and registering 5.43 million rides a day.

The courier and delivery service has also developed rapidly this year thanks to online shopping and take-out ordering.

In Shenzhen, 556 firms are licensed to operate courier services. More than 80,000 people work in the industry, which handled 1.43 billion parcels between January and September, an increase of 51 percent over the same period of last year. In food delivery, eight platforms have hired 15,000 delivery persons.

The booming industry has also brought a rise in accidents related to bikes and e-bikes. Ten people have been killed in shared bike-related accidents this year while another two deaths involved e-bikes used by courier or delivery services.

The public are encouraged to report bike and e-bike violations to the command center by calling 8333-3333 or through Shenzhen police's WeChat and microblog accounts.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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