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Legal experts discuss cooperation


LEGAL elites from China and ASEAN countries gathered in Nanshan District on Friday to discuss cross-border legal cooperation and ways of preventing legal risks in investment at the annual Qianhai Legal Intelligence Forum.

This year's forum focused on four aspects, namely investing in ASEAN countries, foreign law and judicial systems, investment practices and cross-border legal challenges.

Li Huanan, secretary of the Shenzhen municipal political and law committee, said the theme of the forum - policies of laws and dispute resolution in ASEAN countries - would help ASEAN countries to further discuss a multi-resolution mechanism and provide legal protection for those who wish to invest in countries within the scope of the Belt and Road.

Zhang Wenxian, vice chairman of the China Law Society, said Shenzhen should continue carrying out judicial reform in order to offer examples for other Chinese cities.

"China is affirmatively going to lead globalization. With more countries having joined the Belt and Road Initiative, we have come across many law and regulation-related problems. The best way to deal with an international dispute may be legal arbitration," said Zhang. "Thus, Shenzhen should explore an effective arbitration mechanism."

H.E Chin Malin, under secretary general of the Ministry of Justice in Cambodia, said his country is actively on board with China's initiative to build a silk road economic belt. "I think the initiative is a great mechanism and countries who participate in it will benefit from it," he said. "By grasping the opportunity, Cambodia is now improving its business environment and we have offered consultation to foreign investors in recent years."

At the forum, Qianhai also released its current achievements in law ascertainment. More than 300 law-related writings from 22 countries have been translated and collected by Qianhai authorities with the aim of facilitating investors as they go global.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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