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City to hold hearing on bike sharing


SHENZHEN authorities will hold a hearing Nov. 20 over the management of app-based bikes.

According to the draft plan to be discussed at the hearing, Shenzhen transport commission identified six major problems, such as over-supply and uneven distribution, random and hazardous parking, violations by users, insufficient maintenance and management, and the shortage of bicycle lanes, which will be addressed at the hearing.

Shenzhen has eight bike-sharing companies operating around 890,000 bikes. The number of registered users has reached 22 million, with 5.43 million rides registered daily.

The draft regulation will set requirements for operators in four areas, namely market access and exit, number of bikes in the market, standard operation and services, and awards and punishment.

The government will control the scale of bicycles in the market by guiding operators to release an appropriate number of bikes.

The draft suggested that the city government support the healthy development of the market and provide infrastructure support. Furthermore, the number of shared bikes should not exceed the city's occupancy or load capacity.

According to the draft, bike-sharing companies should have designated bank accounts for holding users' deposits, and they should ensure their users' data is safe and secure.

If a company wants to cease operation, it must make the decision public before it intends to close, and refund all deposits and account balances to its users.

Companies must also share information with local traffic management and police departments on the number of registered users, the number of bikes on the road, their distribution and how frequently they are used.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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