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Action to curb traffic violations


SHENZHEN traffic police will send more than 1,000 officers in 160 teams to the roads in Longgang District today to check violations and curb the rising accidents.

The action, which will run until the early morning of tomorrow, will target violations by e-bikes, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, bike riders and pedestrians.

"The action isn't a one-day campaign. It will be conducted regularly and continuously to improve the traffic situation and curb traffic accidents," said Feng Xinyi, deputy chief of the city's traffic police bureau, at a news conference yesterday.

Between this January and October, the city reported 1,776 accidents that resulted in 291 deaths and 1,022 injuries. The number of accidents and injuries rose by 58 percent and 26.8 percent, despite fatalities dropping by 13.65 percent to 245.

Among them, Longgang reported 339 traffic accidents that killed 78 and injured 275, accounting for 20.24 percent, 26.8 percent and 26.9 percent of the city's totals respectively.

Police statistics show the number of fatal accidents in Longgang has been increasing month on month since this June. A total of 39 people were killed in night accidents between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. from June to October, an increase of 25.8 percent over the same period last year.

The number of accidents involving trucks also rose. A total of 39 people were killed and 80 injured in 98 truck-related accidents, an increase of 127 percent, 56 percent and 158 percent respectively.

Accidents involving e-bikes and motorcycles made up 29 percent of the total accidents in Longgang. A total of 19 people were killed and 118 were injured in 99 e-bike- and motorcycle-related accidents.

In an accident Wednesday, a man and his son were killed after his motorbike crashed into a car at the intersection of Shahe Road and Hengping Road in Longgang District.

The father, Xie, was rushing on his motorbike while carrying two children to school. Xie died at the scene and his 7-year-old son died following emergency treatment at the hospital. The neighbor's child, also aged 7, was injured in the accident.

Xie ran a red light with his motorcycle and the car driver was suspected of driving too fast.

On June 14, an e-bike carrying three students hit three other primary school students who were crossing the road in Henggang, Longgang District. One of the primary school students suffered bone fractures, and the e-bike driver fled the scene.

According to police, the number of accidents involving bicycles also rose. In 51 bike-related accidents, 10 people were killed and 49 injured, an increase of 131 percent, 25 percent and 206 percent respectively. Accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol resulted in nine deaths in Longgang.

Police said they will set up 40 inspection teams to tackle violations such as DUIs and illegally using full-beam lights.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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