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New rules on noon care centers mulled


THE city's legislative affairs office has recently held a forum to discuss the problem of off-campus noon care centers, as the previous rules that have been in effect for eight years have proven ineffective, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

"At present, there are 613 compulsory education schools and 1.18 million students in the city. Among them, 348 schools provide lunch and a lunch break, accounting for nearly 60 percent," said Xiao Weifeng, director of the school safety management department of the municipal education bureau. "But in these 60 percent of schools with lunch and a lunch break, 166,000 students are covered, accounting for only 14 percent of all students."

As of June this year, there were 183 registered and certified noon care centers in the city. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen has more than 40,000 primary and secondary school students who have lunch and a lunch break in more than 6,000 undocumented noon care centers.

Deputies to the municipal people's congress participating in the discussion said that due to the high threshold of setting up these centers, the implementation of the previous rules was not very satisfactory. For instance, most of the noon care centers are located in residential buildings and commercial housings, which are built according to the standard of residential housing with only one door, and thus do not meet the requirements.

"Legislation should be carried out from the viewpoint of off-campus noon care service to reduce the threshold and allow some social institutions to enter. These institutions are not noon care centers, but they can provide noon care service," proposed political adviser Yi Songguo.

Most of the deputies, political advisers and experts believe that the research and investigation should be carried out again, and the legislation should be re-enacted according to the actual situation.

The city's legislative affairs office said the opinions and suggestions would be considered and the previous rules would be revised or abolished. An evaluation report will be written and reviewed by industry experts and scholars before formulating the new rules.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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