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California-SZ clean tech innovation center set up


GOVERNMENTS of Shenzhen and the state of California in the United States announced the establishment of the California-Shenzhen Clean Technology Innovation Center in Shenzhen on Thursday.

The center aims at facilitating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promoting the communication and exchange of professionals and services in the low-carbon clean technology industry in California and Shenzhen.

The two governments signed an MOU at the launch ceremony Thursday. The Energy Commission of California signed another MOU with Shenzhen State High-tech Industrial Innovation Center, and Shenzhen International Low-carbon and Clean Tech Innovation Center.

The parties agreed to make full use of their advantages and innovative technology for clean and low-carbon resources to cope with climate change.

In a speech at the ceremony, Robert Weisenmiller, commissioner of the Energy Commission of California, emphasized the importance of international cooperation in addressing global climate change, especially the collaboration between local governments in promoting emission-reduction goals.

"If we want to achieve emission reduction, it must be carried out in an all-round way, not just in power, but also transportation, construction and agriculture. That's why the innovation center is so important. It can spark innovation for the economy," said Weisenmiller.

Yu Jing, deputy director of Shenzhen's development and reform commission, introduced Shenzhen's green and low-carbon advancement.

To adhere to green, low-carbon and sustainable development, 100 percent of Shenzhen's buses will be powered by electricity by the end of 2017. While vehicles offering online car-hailing services will also be 100 percent powered by electricity by the end of 2020, she said.

Dai Fan, special adviser to Governor of California, Jerry Brown, added that the partnership is intended to coordinate clean tech R&D programs and facilitate shared incubators and office spaces in California and China, as well as link market-ready technologies with accessible financing resources.

To this end, a US$1 billion California-China clean technology innovation fund will be set up to support fledgling technology projects in six to eight years, according to Dai.

In June, the Beijing-California Innovation Center, which focuses on collaboration in the energy, environmental protection, new materials and artificial intelligence industries, was inaugurated in Beijing.

The center will set up its service office in Zhongguancun International Innovation Building to provide California projects with work and exhibition spaces, negotiations, meetings and roadshows.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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