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Long holiday witnesses upsurge in consumption


DURING the National Day holiday, transactions paid via Alipay offline by Shenzhen consumers were 2.1 times more than last year, with locals being the main force and tourists contributing 16 percent, sznews.com reported yesterday.

The statistics were provided by Koubei, Alibaba's local life service platform. Among all the consumption categories, increases in food, shopping and movies were the most notable.

In addition to traveling and shopping, many have chosen to make use of the time to update their knowledge, as bookstores in Shenzhen were packed with people during the Golden Week, and consumption in bookstores was more than three times than before the holiday, according to data from Koubei.

At the same time, the hair and beauty industry in Shenzhen has seen a decline. During the holiday, it recorded consumption which was only 49.7 percent of that recorded during the week before the holiday.

In terms of eating and drinking, the competition was fierce.

Statistics from Koubei showed that Cantonese cuisine was crowned the most popular food in Shenzhen during this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, with the overall amount of consumption reaching 1.3 times that of normal days.

Additionally, the local box office soared during the holiday as several new movies were screened. The box office nationwide was 4.1 times more than normal, while in Shenzhen it was 4.6 times, 15 percent of which was contributed by tourists, according to data from Taopiaopiao, Alibaba's movie ticket service platform. "Never Say Die," "Chasing Dragon" and "The Foreigner" were the top three at the box office.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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