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E-boarding pass adopted on domestic flights


AIR passengers without luggage consigned for shipment can use an electronic boarding pass to expedite their wait through security inspection and to board domestic flights at the Shenzhen airport starting Thursday.

Passengers can get their QR boarding passes through the apps or online check-in services of airline companies. With e-boarding passes and IDs they can go through security checks at designated lanes, Lane 23 and Lane 24, according to a release of the Shenzhen airport Wednesday.

Before boarding, passengers may present the e-boarding passes to ground service employees at boarding gates, who will scan the boarding passes and print a receipt as a boarding certificate, which will be used during the double-check for boarding.

Compared with traditional printed boarding passes, the e-pass saves time for passengers. The airport said the e-pass only applies to passengers whose flights depart from Shenzhen to other cities in China. Those who have luggage for shipment, transfer at Shenzhen airport, carry babies, need special attendance, or children under age 12 need to go through regular check-in services at airport counters.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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