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HUAQIANGBEI strives to develop into top tourist spot


HUAQIANGBEI, dubbed "China's No. 1 Electronics Street," aims to make itself a national 3A-level scenic spot, according to a recent seminar held by the local subdistrict office.

Once approved, it will be the first national 3A-level scenic spot in Futian District.

Officials of tourism and economy authorities and some business representatives gathered at the seminar to contribute ideas for the goal.

According to the Huaqiangbei Subdistrict Office, it aims to turn the commercial area into a scenic spot and tourist hub, which will feature scientific and technological elements. Through QR code scanning, visitors can access an electronic guide and introduction. The style of the neighborhood blocks will fuse manga, anime and gaming elements. Also, it will become the country's first platform for releases of new technological products.

Through a reorganization of the existing blocks, the commercial area will be divided into three blocks - themed science and technology, brand display and tourism.

The area boasts some advantages, the subdistrict office said. Huaqiangbei is a convenient, high-traffic area with four Metro lines. Secondly, the infrastructure is complete, with adequate parking space. Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry at Huaqiangbei covers the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics and intelligent hardware. Relying on the Internet of things, the area can demonstrate intelligent home furnishing and electronic appliances, in order to bring a unique high-tech experience to tourists. The star-rated hotels will also attract visitors.

In fact, there are many cases of commercial areas turning into scenic spots in China, such as Wangfujing in Beijing, Chunxi Road in Chengdu, and Jiefangbei in Chongqing, which have been successfully developed into landmarks for these cities. Considering what a smart experience for tourists would look like, a representative from HQ-mart said that the project could reference Wangfujing and introduce more brand activities with virtual reality experiences. "By creating a commercial scenic spot, we hope that it will lure more foreign merchants to Huaqiangbei."

A representative from Maoye International Holdings Ltd. said that the area's supporting facilities are still lagging behind. Also, modern shopping is experience-oriented, which encourages enterprises to attract consumers through experiences.

In addition, it has been proposed that activities should be carried out to bring back memories of Huaqiangbei among citizens in order to promote the use of local culture.

Zhu Jian, general manager of Huateng Tourism Creative Planning and Development Co. Ltd., said Huaqiangbei could borrow from Hollywood's experiences by introducing internationally themed recreational brands.

At the meeting, an official from the city's tourism authority said that to vigorously develop tourism is an important measure for block space reorganization and industrial upgrading. Industrial technology and culture are the characteristics of Huaqiangbei, and could be the basis for transforming the area into a 3A-level scenic spot through scientific planning and design.

In the next three to five years, Huaqiangbei will launch a landscape experience integrating virtual reality.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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