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Italian Day of low-carbon forum held


H.E. Ettore F. Sequi, ambassador of Italy to China, speaks at Italian Day in Longgang yesterday.

ITALIAN Day, one of the main activities of the Fifth Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, was held at Shenzhen International Low Carbon City in Longgang yesterday afternoon.

The event welcomed participants, including Wang Hushan, vice secretary general of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, H.E. Ettore F. Sequi, ambassador of Italy to China, Li Tie, director general of the China Center for Urban Development, Laura Egoli, consul general of the Republic of Italy in Guangzhou, other representatives from the Italian side and CEOs or founders of around 30 European companies.

"After 30-plus years of rapid development, the total output value of Shenzhen in 2016 reached 1,950 billion yuan (US$298.8 billion). On top of that, the city is paying special attention to green, low-carbon and sustainable development. We have invested over 80.9 billion yuan in technical research and development, representing 4.1 percent of the city's GDP. The energy consumption and carbon emissions per unit of GDP are all at an advanced level," Wang said.

Wang added that the low-carbon and clean energy technology of Europe is leading the international community, and Italy has a complete R&D system and excellent enterprises, which provide good opportunities for exchange with Shenzhen.

Sequi said during his speech that Shenzhen is the right place for Italy and the forum is an important platform for promoting the cooperation and dialogue for governments and enterprises on both sides. He added that Italy is a benchmark of the international level since it has the lowest carbon emission rate and carbon density among industrial countries.

At the event, nine European enterprises signed agreements with the European Technology Chamber and will settle in the Huan De China EU Future City. Florian Schmied, chairman of the chamber, said the Future City in Longgang provides enterprises many incubators and a great environment.

The Fifth Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum will be held in Longgang District today and tomorrow.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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