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Vehicles with unhandled violations to be halted


SHENZHEN'S traffic police will start imposing punishments Sept. 11 on four types of vehicles that have failed to handle traffic violations within 45 days.

The vehicles are city buses, long-distance buses and tourism buses, heavy vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals and school buses.

According to Shenzhen road safety rules, owners and drivers should handle violations within 45 days, or their vehicles will be banned from the road. Police can impound the vehicles and impose additional fines on the violators.

Among the four types of vehicles, there are 1,654 vehicles with unhandled violations. One bus with Shenzhen Anxun Bus Leasing Service Co. has accumulated 40 unhandled violations. Police have informed the bus operators about their violations.

The vehicles will be fined 1,000 yuan (US$153) each and the drivers will have three penalty points added to their licenses if they are caught on the road. If a driver has three violations in a year, the fine will be doubled to 2,000 yuan on the third violation. Police will impound the vehicles until the violations are handled.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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