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2 firms receive shenzhen mayor quality award


THE phrase "Shenzhen Quality," replacing "Shenzhen Speed," has become the buzzword and main focus of the city's development in recent years. The authority has put a greater emphasis on encouraging organizations to develop quality products and services.

Awards were given out to 10 corporations in Shenzhen for their quality development during a convention on reviving quality development in all aspects yesterday morning at the Civic Center.

Two local companies, Shenzhen Water Group and the technology company O-film won the top prizes. Each of the companies was awarded 2 million yuan (US$294,111).

Several other companies from the new energy, new material and telecommunications industries, among others, won nomination awards with a 1-million-yuan prize and encouragement awards with a prize of 500,000 yuan.

The Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award is the most recognized award for quality granted by the local authority in Shenzhen.

The selection first started in 2004 and has been organized annually to award corporations that perform exceptionally well in providing high-quality services or products. Many renowned enterprises, including Huawei, ZTE and China Merchants Group, have won the awards over the past decade.

To receive the honor of being elected for the award, enterprises or organizations must achieve outstanding performance in business revenue or public good within the nation's legal policies of industry, environment and quality. Also, the organizations must not have disobeyed any rules or regulations in the past year or had any major safety accidents or mistakes in the previous three years.

Shenzhen Water Group is a State-owned enterprise that deals with as much as 99.80 percent of the water affairs in Shenzhen, including supplying water and treating polluted water.

The group has assisted greatly in treating polluted water in the city's major rivers over the past year, making it one of the top corporations in Shenzhen regarding contributions to urban management.

The other winning corporation, O-film, is the world's largest supplier of touch screens. The company has been growing quickly year by year and has obtained the title of "National Electronic and Information Enterprises TOP 100" several times.

Its business revenue in 2016 was 26.75 billion yuan, an increase of 44.59 percent from 2015. The net profit in 2016 was 720 million yuan, an increase of 50.24 percent from 2015.

Top leaders in the city and representatives from major government departments and local companies attended the award ceremony yesterday. Mayor Chen Rugui presented the awards to the winning corporations.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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