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HKU-SZH receives 29m yuan donation


THE Fang Family Foundation in Hong Kong donated 29 million yuan (US$4.27 million) to the University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital (HKU-SZH) on Wednesday with the aim of helping the hospital improve the quality of its medical services, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Thursday.

A donation ceremony was held at the hospital Wednesday afternoon, which was attended by representatives from the foundation and the hospital.

The donated money will be used by the hospital to buy linear accelerators, which are mainly used to provide radiotherapy for cancer patients.

According to the hospital's plan, it will continue to solicit established medical experts from home and abroad to join the hospital and build its five major medical centers into world-class medical centers by improving their clinic services.

The hospital will also launch its second-phase expansion project in the coming five years to build a research building and a new inpatient department building with 800 beds, which are expected to be put into use in 2024.

The public hospital, funded by the Shenzhen city government but managed like a Hong Kong hospital, is a pilot hospital being used to introduce medical reforms on the Chinese mainland.

The hospital has taken shape as an international hospital with an emergency room using a triage system and appointment-only registration. The hospital also requires patients to first see a general practitioner before being referred to a specialist.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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