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Shenzhen sends aid


DOZENS of Shenzhen firms have made quick responses to donate relief supplies.

Tencent announced yesterday it would donate 10 million yuan (US$1.5 million) toward the rescue effort, reconstruction and knowledge promotion about natural disasters.

Besides the donation, Tencent has also set up donation channels on its portal and encourages netizens to donate money for people in the disaster area.

"By 2:30 p.m., Tencent's 16 charity partners had initiated 16 aid projects on our website, and we managed to raise over 7 million yuan," said Sun Yi, the deputy secretary general of Tencent Foundation.

An official from the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Wang Yi, said that more than 10 corporate foundations had contacted the bureau to make donations.

"We will call for Shenzhen corporations to donate the relief supplies that are mostly needed in the disaster area. Some of the medicines, water and tents we have collected are on the way to Jiuzhaigou," Wang said yesterday.

The disaster area in Jiuzhaigou underwent a blackout when the quake first hit Tuesday night. ZTE Corp. immediately enacted emergency solutions and set up a special command post.

Huawei also made prompt efforts to provide emergency aid and dispatched over 60 experts, including engineers, to assist in the restoration of signals for local operators.

China Southern Airlines announced that its subordinate airline, Chongqing Airlines, had arranged an aid team of 150 rescuers for rescue missions.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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