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Ocean park to be built in Dapeng


A view of the Dapeng coastline.

SHENZHEN is planning to build a State-level ocean park on the west side of Dapeng Peninsula, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported yesterday.

Located on the northern edge of the world's coral reef golden triangular belt, Dapeng Peninsula has four main clusters of coral reef in its sea area. The building of the State-level ocean park is aimed at protecting the coral reef, fish, volcanic geological relics and bedrock coastal ecosystems on the peninsula.

During a meeting held July 26 and 27, experts from the provincial marine and fisheries department approved a proposal submitted by Dapeng New Area for the construction of the ocean park after they conducted on-site research in Dapeng and learned about the park's design plan.

The Dapeng government will modify the park's design plan based on the expert advice and submit the proposal to the national oceanic bureau.

Currently, there are 42 State-level ocean parks nationwide, with six of them being located in Guangdong Province. The main purpose of building State-level ocean parks is to provide coastal leisure zones for the public and to promote the protection of marine ecology and the sustainable development of coastal tourism, according to the report.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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