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Hospitals to set up '2nd-child clinics'


THE city is planning to require all hospitals with obstetrical departments in Shenzhen to set up "second-child outpatient clinics" in a bid to provide customized medical services for couples who want to have a second child, the Nanfang Daily reported Thursday.

A survey report jointly released by Nankai University and the health and family planning bureau in Futian District showed that there were 183,900 residents who were eligible to have a second child in the district, with over 38 percent of them being women above 35 years old. As well, over 52 percent of couples who are willing to have a second child are planning to have the child within three years.

Chen Yuanqing, a lawmaker in Shenzhen, said Futian District has abundant medical resources as it has seven city-level hospitals and five district-level hospitals. He said the district is in an ideal situation to deal with a growing number of pregnant women of advanced maternal age after the two-child policy was introduced.

Data showed that there were 43,524 expectant mothers in Futian District last year, and 17.33 percent of them are women of advanced maternal age. The survey report also unveiled that 25 percent of newborns in Futian District last year are the second child in their families, but 2.66 percent of them were born with birth defects.

Chen suggested the government formulate detailed guidelines for handling high-risk pregnancies and set up more emergency treatment centers for pregnant women and newborns.

The city's health and family planning commission said it has required all hospitals across the city to set up second-child counseling centers if they provide maternal and infant health care services for patients. Besides, medical records of expectant mothers who have registered with the authorities will be shared with all hospitals and maternal and infant care centers in the city.

The commission said it is also going to require all hospitals with obstetrical departments in Shenzhen to set up "second-child outpatient clinics" to handle high-risk pregnancies in a more efficient manner. According to the commission, it will take various measures to ensure the unimpeded emergency treatment channel for critically ill expectant mothers and beef up medical worker training in obstetrical and neonatology departments.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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