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App-based cars to be limited to EVs


JUST like the app-based bikes that appeared in many Chinese cities overnight, the business of app-based cars has also begun to take hold in Shenzhen. The authority is mulling regulations to manage app-based cars by only allowing the use of green-energy vehicles, also known as electric vehicles (EVs), for the business.

Two drafts on the management of rental cars and app-based cars were released on the official portal of Shenzhen's transport commission recently to announce intended regulations as well as to collect the public's opinions.

According to the drafts, all cars used as app-based cars must register at a local vehicle managing department and only new-energy cars with less than nine seats are allowed to be used for the business. Additionally, app-based car firms must upload real-time data to the supervising platform and set up special accounts for the funds collected from costumers as deposits or rental fees.

No private cars are allowed to be used in the business as the development of app-based bikes and public transportation will continue to be prioritized in Shenzhen, said commission officials. As for parking areas, the drafts suggest that firms place the app-based cars in areas that are relatively remote with inadequate public transportation and clusters of hotels and scenic spots.

Additionally, app-based car firms must provide both online and offline services. The required offline services include examining, maintaining, dispatching and reclaiming the cars. The companies should purchase compulsory insurance for all of the cars and install driving recorders with GPS systems that meet national and provincial standards.

This new transportation sharing-economy has been accepted by many residents, according to figures provided by the companies.

For instance, Ponycar, a Shenzhen app-based car firm, originated in Nanshan District and in seven months its number of users has already reached 100,000. Industry experts estimate that the market for app-based cars will continue to grow.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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