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Tracking system mulled


LAWMAKERS are considering requiring food producers and suppliers to establish a robust electronic internal tracking system to ensure food safety and improve food safety management, according to a first revision of a draft of the city's food safety supervision regulations.

The draft requests dietary supplement and infant formula producers and suppliers to set up an internal tracking system and to operate it in accordance with related standards. Other food producers and merchants are required to operate according to the tracking system and ensure the information from its suppliers is authentic, accurate and complete.

Shenzhen's food and drug administration (FDA) will take charge of supervision in matters related to animal husbandry and butchery. In accordance with Shenzhen's situation, the FDA will be authorized to recommend food-related standards, special zone technical standards or standardized guidance, by referring to the international criteria and advanced examples in China and overseas.

Entities that hold the majority of the responsibility in food safety accidents or fail to rectify after meeting with the FDA will be ordered to make a public apology, or they will be added to a food safety special supervision list.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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