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Air quality good in Q1

SHENZHEN'S air quality in the first quarter was good, with index readings ranging between 35 and 88, according to a quarterly report released by Shenzhen's environmental protection authority Monday. 

The number of days with excellent air quality reached 34, and the remaining days were rated with good air quality, the report said.

Compared with the same period last year, the level of pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, was lower, while the concentrations of inhalable (PM10) and fine particles (PM2.5) and ozone had slightly increased. 

The water quality in reservoirs, such as Meilin Reservoir, Fengmulang Reservoir and Jingxin Reservoir, remained at Grade I. The quality of other reservoirs, such as Shenzhen Reservoir, Xili Reservoir, Tiegang Reservoir, Luotian Reservoir, stood at Grade II. The quality of Xili Reservoir, Luotian Reservoir and Songzikeng Reservoir improved.

Among rivers, the quality of Buji River, Wangmu River, Huanggang River and Guanlan River greatly improved. The pollution of Xixiang River, Longgang River and Pingshan River was relieved, while the situations of Maozhou River, Shenzhen River, Xinzhou River and Shawan River were aggravated. 

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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