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City mulls unified address system


MAKING up a fake or false address when registering a new business will be easily detected after a soon-to-be-created unified citywide address system is adopted in June, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

The city government is drafting a set of standards to unify citywide addresses. It is expected that the standards will go into use next month. 

Currently multiple departments are managing addresses of residents and organizations, which easily causes chaos and repetition. Some people use loopholes to register businesses with fake addresses. 

For instance, the public security department is responsible for house numbers, yet the land and planning department collects street and building numbers and other address information. There are various managing systems and standards for the naming and regulating of addresses, which causes many problems.

The new standards, after being adopted, are expected to integrate address resources with a unified input system and standard wording and expression. The standards will help to make social management easier and more accurate, said an official with the city's politics and law committee.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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