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Bao'an District opens new mangrove park


Visitors at Phase II of Xiwan Mangrove Park in Xixiang Subdistrict, Bao'an District, yesterday. 

PHASE II of Xiwan Mangrove Park in Xixiang Subdistrict, Bao'an District, opened to the public yesterday, providing a place of leisure for May Day holidaymakers.

Travelers to the park can take the holiday tourist bus from Bihaiwan Station of Metro Line 11. They can also take commuter buses between Gushu, Pingzhou and Bao'an Central stations of Line 1 and Fanshen Station of Line 5 to the mangrove park.

At the opening ceremony, Huang Min, Party chief of Bao'an, said that the park was an important point along the 45-km Bao'an coast and would be a part of Coastal Bao'an, where Coastal Culture Park, the new Shenzhen convention and exhibition center and the new science museum will be built.

The park's Phase II covers an area of 360,000 square meters along the coast of Xixiang, four times the size of Phase I, which opened to the public in 2015.

The park has also restored some historic sites, such as Gushu Pier from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Gushu Fortress and a century-old bookstore. In addition, modern facilities such as a VR aquarium, where visitors can experience a tsunami and explore a seabed, have also opened to the public.

"It is very convenient. We don't need to go to beach parks in Yantian or Dapeng, which take about two hours to get to. I will bring my family members here to enjoy the sea views, and take in the fresh air. It is a good place for leisure," said a woman, surnamed Cao, who had come with friends for the opening day.

The greenery area of Phase II of the park will take up 74 percent of its total space.

The mangrove park is divided into five distinct areas with features based on themes such as sightseeing, cultural heritage, leisure, sports and parenting. Two newly built park roads, running 1.16 kilometers and 2.88 kilometers, connect the coastal areas to form a 5.18-kilometer circular greenway for sea sightseeing.

Phase II of the park has a capacity to accommodate 30,000 visitors for sightseeing, relaxation and cycling. The park now offers 967 free parking spaces for drivers.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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