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SZ Design Week concludes successfully

THE first Shenzhen Design Week, which lasted for eight days, wrapped up successfully Friday, marking major progress on the Implementation Measures for Shenzhen's Cultural and Innovative Development by 2020 as well as great improvement in Shenzhen's international influence. 

Over the eight-day period, nearly 100,000 people attended or visited Shenzhen Design Week, according to statistics from the event organizer. Shekou i-Factory, the main venue for the event, received nearly 7,000 visitors in one day during its peak.

More than 2,000 works from more than 200 designers from across the world were gathered in Shenzhen for Shenzhen Design Week, covering the areas of graphic design, product design, fashion, architecture and interior design. Visitors were treated to a series of exhibitions, forums and talks, bringing design to the Shenzhen people's doorstep. 

Special guests at the event, including David Grossman, president of the International Council of Design (ico-D), and Luisa Bocchietto, president-elect of the World Design Organization, all gave a thumbs-up to the design week and expressed their hopes that the event, which not only gives full play to the promotion of local design but also serves to attract foreign designers and design institutes to come and set up studios in Shenzhen, will become better and better and grow into an important platform for design exchanges in the international arena. 

The design week consisted of five parts - design and innovation, design and life, design and vision, design and communication and design and experience - with each having its own highlights.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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