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Facial tech adopted to check jaywalkers


A man waits for the red light while an intelligent transport system closes its gates to block pedestrians from crossing Liuxian Boulevard yesterday.

THE city's traffic police have put an innovative system that uses facial recognition technology to capture jaywalkers into trial use at a road crossing on Liuxian Boulevard near Liuxian Primary School in Nanshan District.

The system has multiple functions such as video collection and uploading, vocal reminder, facial detection and recognition and an intelligent transport system (ITS), which controls pedestrians in coordination with traffic lights.

When the traffic light is red, the ITS will automatically close the gates blocking pedestrians and broadcast a reminder telling them not to go against the red light.

If a pedestrian goes against the red light, the monitoring system's vocal function will notify the pedestrian that he/she has violated the rule. The monitoring system can automatically detect and record the violator. A photo of the violator will be sent to the LCD screen on the road and kept in the server as evidence.

When the light is green, the gates will automatically open, allowing pedestrians to cross the street while the vocal function will remind pedestrians to cross quickly. The system can control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, and adjust the waiting times for both pedestrians and vehicles to improve efficiency.

The system is waterproof. If the system has any mechanical problems or suffers a power failure, the gates will automatically open.

"The system is nice as it has a facial recognition function to record jaywalkers," said Li Jichao, a deputy to Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress.

He suggested that more systems be installed at road intersections where pedestrians and vehicles often mix.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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