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Watch spots set up at Metro station at rush hour


A Metro staffer waves a green flag to tell the train driver to close doors.

WATCH spots that were set up at Huangbeiling Metro Station, an interchange station of Line 2 and Line 5, have proved to be effective in guiding Metro trains and commuters that intermingle on the platform during rush hours.

Shenzhen Metro Co. introduced plain stages at both sides of the platform Feb. 20, so employees on duty can watch the passenger flow and guide trains between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.

According to Du Jiang, head of the station, the station is often crowded with commuters rushing to make transfers. The employees on duty can signal for train drivers to wait for commuters to board with a yellow flag or use a green flag to tell the driver to close the gates for departure.

The on-duty employees can hold a train for up to 30 seconds depending on the severity of congestion.

"The move not only improves interchange efficiency for commuters and relieves congestion, but also provides more time for commuters," said Du, adding that the employees on duty can also guide the commuter flow to prevent some safety incidents.

Some Metro stations in Shanghai and Beijing have used watch spots to guide passengers.

This simple practice has been widely praised by netizens for solving a big problem for morning commuters.

Shenzhen Metro Co. said that it would also add more trains to the two lines in the second half of the year to shorten train departure intervals.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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