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New rule to enable police aides to enforce law

POLICE aides, led by a police officer, will be empowered to take enforcement measures, according to a draft regulation released yesterday to seek public suggestions.

A previous draft allows police aides to enforce laws in the presence of at least two police officers.

According to the draft regulation, a police aide can question, apprehend and detain suspects, and collect evidence for administrative cases under the leadership of a police officer.

They can independently take actions to prevent criminal activities, handle appeals, patrol, maintain crime scenes, guide traffic and dissuade traffic violators, but they can't enforce rules by imposing fines on traffic violators, according to the draft unveiled by the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress.

Shenzhen, a city of about 20 million residents, faces a shortage in its police force. As an auxiliary force to police, the number of police aides in the city has reached 38,000, more than double the number of police officers.

The regulation sets strict requirements to qualify as an aide officer. They must have received a professional college education and be over the age of 20.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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