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Vehicle inspections for holiday safety

SHENZHEN'S traffic police will launch inspections of vehicles with more than nine seats at 10 inspection and service stations to be installed on intercity border roads and the exits and entrances of expressways.

During the 40-day Spring Festival transport season, also known as chunyun, which will start Friday, all large and heavy vehicles including long-distance buses, tourist buses, school buses, trucks and vehicles carrying dangerous material will be subject to inspection, according to a news conference Monday.

Police will dispatch 700 officers on the roads each day to ensure traffic safety.

"Drivers who don't follow road guides will be fined 200 yuan (US$28.88) for failing to drive in the correct lane according to vehicle size," Feng Xinyi, deputy chief of the traffic police bureau, said at the news conference. Those who evade inspections will be recorded and face detention in serious cases for hindering police duty.

The public are encouraged to report violations related to Spring Festival holiday travel by calling (0755) 8333-3333, text-messaging to 0755110 or reporting them through the WeChat account, szjjwx, traffic police official microblog or Alipay account.

In overloading cases that constitute a crime a whistleblower can get a 3,000-yuan cash reward. If an offense doesn't constitute a crime, a whistleblower can get 50 yuan for each overloaded passenger up to 1,000 yuan per case.

Whistleblowers can also get a 500-yuan reward for reporting cargo vehicles that are illegally carrying passengers, overloaded cars and long-distance buses that illegally pick up or drop off passengers on expressways or outside bus terminals.

Medical service

Shenzhen North Railway Station Medical Emergency Service Station was put into operation Monday, in time for the start of this year's Spring Festival transport season.

The medical station is located in the A area of the B1 Section on the first floor of the railway station. Covering an area of 322 square meters, it is also a partition clinic of Longhueju Community Health Center. Five medical employees will be on duty to provide medical services and patient transfer services between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. every day. During the transport season, the clinic will be included in the city's 120 ambulance network and the service hours will be 24 hours day.

During the transport season, 14.98 million passengers will be handled, an increase of 4.56 percent over the previous year. The railway system is expected to handle 8.69 million.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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