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City launches 1st Internet hospital

THE Shenzhen Internet Hospital, which consolidates an abundance of medical resources from around the nation, was officially launched in Shenzhen over the weekend, connecting residents to medical experts and teams around the country.

The online platform, developed by an application called We Doctor, has gathered 260,000 doctors and 7,200 medical teams whose information and qualifications are available for users. It also incorporates official data and statistics from hospitals and public health care systems in Shenzhen.

The Shenzhen Internet Hospital is one of 17 online hospitals developed by Shanghai-based We Doctor, and it will sign deals to incorporate 10 prestigious clinic centers belonging to the Wuzhen Internet Hospital.

"Shenzhen residents have high demands for quality medical resources, yet the medical resources here in the city's physical hospitals are inadequate," said Liao Yuanjie, chairman of the board and CEO of We Doctor. The development of the Internet hospital can provide more quality medical resources for Shenzhen residents, said Liao. According to him, several top medical teams in China have already joined We Doctor.

The online hospital provides an array of services, including appointment making, long-distance diagnosis, electronic medical prescription, health care management and so forth.

The hospital announced that it is working with the local government to promote the use of medical insurance for Internet hospital. At this stage, users of the online hospital are charged based on the services they seek. While most of the prestigious doctors charge 200 yuan (US$28.53) for each diagnosis, some top experts charge 2,000 to 3,000 yuan each time.

On the launch day, the Bao'an District Government, Tencent and We Doctor signed a cooperation deal to develop an online health care management system for residents in Bao'an.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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