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City finishes 1st smart road


BEIHUAN Boulevard, a 19-km east-west trunk road, has become Shenzhen's first "smart road" with the recently completed installation of advanced technologies to manage and guide traffic.

Traffic police began installing new equipment on the road last June. After a year of upgrades, police announced Thursday that Beihuan Boulevard is now equipped with traffic-monitoring facilities including video surveillance, license plate recognition, LED traffic guidance and improved database access that allow police to quickly identify vehicles.

Twelve oversized monitors along Beihuan Boulevard update road conditions and provide safety tips for drivers.

The new equipment is part of efforts by traffic police to use new technologies to reduce accidents and improve traffic flows. The equipment helps police monitor traffic and advise or divert vehicles accordingly, with uploaded traffic data available online and on mobile phones.

The equipment will also help police better handle traffic accidents. A system that automatically monitors and updates road conditions can quickly identify and report traffic accidents to commanding officers on duty.

Source:Shenzhen Daily

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