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Guangming officially becomes a district 2018.09.20
Charity fair to be held Sept. 20-22 2018.09.20
CBD traffic controls for celebration 2018.09.20
Beach parks closed for holidays 2018.09.20
Clinical trials of HPV vaccine to be made 2018.09.20
High-speed rail planned to Shenshan 2018.09.19
Govt. urged to implement waste classification 2018.09.19
Violators granted punishment exemption 2018.09.19
Service counter opened for expats 2018.09.18
Art Shenzhen 2018 staged 2018.09.18
Photo exhibition 2018.09.18
Intl. medical research center inaugurated at SZU 2018.09.17
Strongest-in-decades typhoon wreaks havoc in SZ 2018.09.17
Light show to start Sept. 28 2018.09.17
Super typhoon to strike 2018.09.14
Art Shenzhen 2018 in Full Swing 2018.09.14
Salary guidance unveiled 2018.09.14
Jewelry fair under way 2018.09.14
Higher pay for private kindergartens 2018.09.13
Provident fund loans issued 2018.09.13
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