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Work on city's first sea tunnel to start this year 2018.07.16
Cross-Strait teens embark on culture trip 2018.07.16
Feast for the eyes of dance lovers 2018.07.16
Smart bookstore opens in Longgang 2018.07.16
2 cruise liners dock at home port 2018.07.16
Largest underground depot completed 2018.07.13
Huizhou airport to serve as SZ's second airport 2018.07.13
Compulsory insurance for pollution 2018.07.13
SZ-HK area ranks 2nd among tech clusters 2018.07.13
Smart public toilet opens 2018.07.13
Visual device to help reduce accidents 2018.07.12
Work on city's first smart road starts 2018.07.12
Nanshan offers free stays to fresh graduates 2018.07.12
Intl. passenger turnover hits 1.87m 2018.07.12
Group wedding ceremony held 2018.07.12
City promises to process project approvals in 90 workdays 2018.07.11
Section of expressway to open this year 2018.07.11
Flights, trains canceled 2018.07.11
23 new roads to be built 2018.07.11
Bonding activity held 2018.07.11
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