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Facial tech adopted against violators 2018.04.20
'Smart City'plan mapped 2018.04.20
Campaign to reduce mother-to-child diseases 2018.04.20
Underground passageway helps divert traffic 2018.04.20
Airline open day 2018.04.20
SZ designates collection points for bulky waste 2018.04.19
Students learn paper-carving 2018.04.19
Tough measures taken on dump trucks 2018.04.18
SZ Design Week to kick off Friday 2018.04.18
Rail work progresses 2018.04.18
CDC warns of infectious diseases 2018.04.18
Fisherman's Wharf in Shekou being demolished 2018.04.17
Rule: Deliveries to lockers need permission from recipients 2018.04.17
SZ supports low-altitude air services 2018.04.17
Free eye checkup 2018.04.17
Expat talents' contribution to China acknowledged 2018.04.16
Shenzhen among most appealing cities to expats 2018.04.16
Affordable housing procurement rules unveiled 2018.04.13
City mulls building over 800 nursing rooms by 2020 2018.04.13
Opening-up exhibition a highlight of fair 2018.04.12
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