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1st govt.-led maker center launched 2017.09.21
Vehicle numbers to be capped at Dapeng beach area in holiday 2017.09.21
SZ-Brisbane direct flights launched 2017.09.21
More trains to stop at Pingshan 2017.09.20
Tourism train to Kashgar launched 2017.09.20
City promotes green commuting 2017.09.19
SZ-Brisbane International Incubation Center opens 2017.09.19
SZ-Jiangmen rail to adopt tunnel plan 2017.09.19
New sports park opened in Bantian 2017.09.19
Anti-fraud alliance helps solve cases 2017.09.19
SZ-Kashkar rail link launched 2017.09.18
2,000 clean up Shenzhen coast 2017.09.18
Science film week kicks off 2017.09.18
Exhibition brings art to Shenzhen 2017.09.18
City to have 900 soccer fields by 2020 2017.09.15
Genomes unveil evolution of orchids 2017.09.15
Rule to punish untrustworthy behaviors 2017.09.15
Free checkups for teachers 2017.09.15
First sino-russian university officially inaugurated 2017.09.14
City unifies fees for home waste treatment 2017.09.14
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