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High-speed rail to connect all GD cities 2018.03.16
Preferential policies for HKers in QH 2018.03.16
City raises subsidies for startups 2018.03.15
Consumer rights protection events released 2018.03.15
City encourages mechanical parking lots 2018.03.14
2nd SZ-HZ high-speed rail proposed 2018.03.14
Talent fair expands presence 2018.03.14
Environment NGO needs volunteer divers 2018.03.14
Cross Border Summit 2018 set for April 2018.03.14
Fashion carnival opens with plenty of shows 2018.03.13
Associated university proposed 2018.03.13
Sunflower garden attracts visitors 2018.03.13
Guangming soliciting designs for forest sports park 2018.03.12
Free lecture focuses on women's health 2018.03.12
City aims to lead China in smart traffic system 2018.03.09
Intl. Women's Day marked 2018.03.09
New weather radar system put into use 2018.03.08
MOU signed for region's public welfare 2018.03.08
Medicine recycle bins set up in communities 2018.03.08
SZ fledgling city of flowers 2018.03.08
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