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Shenzhen has an efficient government service system and an advanced information network to provide a good environment for the city's economic development and people's daily lives.


The government of Shenzhen has actively driven its own transformation of functions and strengthened the construction of a service-oriented government. Under the guidance of the motto "legal, responsible, shinning and efficient government", the government has improved itself in its administrative transparency and managing efficiency, in order to provide a fair, clear and law-governed environment for the progress of the society and the welfare of the citizens.


In recent years, Shenzhen has significantly increased its police force and taken a series of measures to improve public safety. All police officers - including those who formerly had desk jobs - were required to conduct regular street patrols as of April 1, 2012, in an effort to further increase the number of police officers on city streets and police interaction with the community.


The Shenzhen government has adopted stringent protection of intellectual property rights as a leading development strategy to improve the city's investment environment and maintain market order. Everyone living in the city, including foreigners, has the same protection under domestic and international laws.


Shenzhen has an advanced pubic media network. The household rate of radio and TV coverage is 100%. There are 16 newspapers and 37 periodicals. It is convenient for residents to acquire all kinds of information from newspapers, magazines, electronic media and online media.

Shenzhen Press Group One of the largest modern press groups in China, Shenzhen Press Group owns 10 newspapers, five magazines, 17 websites and one publishing house. It has more than 6,000 employees.

Shenzhen Media Group With 12 TV channels, four radio frequencies and more than 20 business firms, Shenzhen Media Group is a key player in the local media industry and integrates advertisement, network transmission and service with new technologies and content.

Government website

Shenzhen Government Online: http://www.sz.gov.cn ,English Portal EYESHENZHEN: http://www.eyeshenzhen.com/

News websites: Shenzhen News: http://www.sznews.com Tencent: http://www.qq.com/


Shenzhen has 797 post offices and a developed telecommunications system. Shenzhen is the center for express mail on the southern mainland, with an efficient and comprehensive network reaching every household. Many local companies are engaged in fixed and mobile telephones and Internet services. The fixed telephone users numbered 4.73 million by the end of 2015 and mobile users 29.96 million. The number of broadband users was 5 million and the number of 4G users was 11 million in 2015. Shenzhen is now pushing several projects: construction of increased telecommunications infrastructure; trial integration of telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and the Internet; development of a wireless city; construction of an information consumption pilot city; and construction of a national next-generation Internet demonstration city.

In 2015, the added value of the Internet industry reached 75.61 billion yuan, up 19.3% from 2014. The transaction volume of e-commerce reached 1.73 trillion yuan, up 14.56% from the previous year.

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