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Theme park offers discounts | Until Nov. 30 (except Nov. 15-17)
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2019-11-07

To mark the 30th anniversary of the opening of Splendid China, the Splendid China · China Folk Culture Villages, famous for miniaturized Chinese tourist attractions and life-sized ethnic villages, is offering a string of discounts to visitors until Nov. 30 (except for Nov. 15-17).

Visitors who hold a Shenzhen ID card or a Shenzhen residence certificate can buy half-priced tickets (110 yuan per person). Visitors who were born in 1989 and visitors who were born in November in any year can enter the park free of admission by showing proof.

Moreover, now until Dec. 31, visitors who visit the park on his or her birthday can get in free of charge and can bring another visitor in at 15-percent-off the ticket price.

The minified version of Potala Palace in Splendid China · China Folk Culture Villages. File photo

Splendid China · China Folk Culture Villages is a theme park consisting of two areas — a miniature park opened in 1989 and a park of Chinese folk culture villages opened in 1991.

The two parks were merged later and the theme reflects the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, customs and habits of various nationalities. It is one of the world’s largest scenery parks in terms of the amount of scenarios reproduced.

Eighty-two major Chinese tourist attractions have been miniaturized and laid out according to the map of China, making it possible to visit the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Three Gorges Dam, Potala Palace and the Terracotta Soldiers all in one day. The park also hosts several shows depicting various events in Chinese history, such as horse-riding shows depicting a battle led by Genghis Khan.

Venue: Splendid China · China Folk Culture Villages, Nanshan District (南山区锦绣中华·民俗村)

Metro: Line 1 to Overseas Chinese Town Station (华侨城站), Exit D