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Poetic singer Li Jian to give a concert | Nov.23
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2019-09-09

Chinese singer and songwriter Li Jian will give his “Not Only Li Jian” concert in Shenzhen on Nov. 23.

The Tsinghua University alumnus, who learned Beijing opera in his childhood and loves to read, has been considered intellectual since his appearance on China’s musical scene 15 years ago. Li has also distinguished himself from mainstream pop and love ballads with his slow tunes and poetic lyrics.

Li’s songs are described as “borderless, which portrays not only love between a man and a woman but also love for friends, homeland and humanity.” “For the media, I may not be a good headliner because I have no eye-catching news besides new albums released every two years and rare concerts,” he says of his low-profile life. “But I kind of like the distance I have with the limelight because it makes me comfortable and real.”

In 2010, pop queen Faye Wong made a graceful comeback at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, belting out the poetic song “Legend.” The song soon became a national hit and few people knew it was composed by Li in 2002 and featured on his album “Evanescence of Life.” Although Li’s CD didn’t have much impact a few years back, this time around the song soon topped various radio stations and net portal charts.

Contrasting with his soft-spoken personality now, Li was known on university campus for his rocker image even as an engineering student. And upon graduation, he held his debut concert at Tsinghua University. During his four years at Tsinghua, Li came across Lu Gengxu. They shared the same musical aspirations and established the pop duo Shuimu Nianhua in 2001, beginning their exploration of the world of music.

In September 2001, the pair released their debut album “Having You in My Life All Along,” which catapulted them to stardom almost overnight. They won a cult following for their innocent voices and unvarnished style. Unfortunately the two split due to differences in 2002 and went on to pursue solo careers.

During the year after he left Lu, Li spent a lot of time reading at home, watching movies and listening to classical music. In 2003 Li was back on track with his debut album “Evanescence of Life.” All the songs were composed and arranged by Li himself. Following the success, Li released his second album “Coming for You” in 2005. Two years later Li recorded his third album “Missing You.” The ballad singer’s poetic lyrics left music fans nostalgic for their campus days. In the world of miscellaneous music, Li stands out for his sensitive musicality and his perseverance that helps him reach where he wants to be.

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Time: 7:30 p.m., Nov. 23

Tickets: 380-1,280 yuan

Venue: Gymnasium of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Nanshan District (南山区深圳湾体育中心体育馆)

Metro: Line 2 to Keyuan Station (科苑站), Exit A

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