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SZ, HK join hands to revitalize classic opera
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2019-04-03

A reboot of the classic Cantonese Opera “Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers,” a co-production of Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Shenzhen Belt & Road International Music Festival, was staged March 29 and 30 at Shenzhen Poly Theater in Nanshan District.

The Kun-inspired Cantonese opera tells a romantic story dating back to the Yuan Dynasty: Prince Anxi has long planned to revolt, so the Yuan court orders undercover agent Jiang Liuyun to infiltrate his mansion as a spy. Jiang is tricked into entering the forbidden Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers, where he meets Anxi’s daughter, Princess Baihua, who immediately falls for his graceful demeanor. While the princess offers Jiang a sword and her hand in marriage, deception and turmoil threaten to enmesh them. Jiang and the princess finally find their way back after all the suffering and obstacles.

Director Fredric Mao Chun-fai teamed up with young playwright Kong Chun-Kit to update the script with new performance components and a modern point of view.

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