Shenzhen Government Online
Success Cases
Beacuse of the rapid business development in the Shenzhen region, Intel plans to build its Intel South China Research Center within the next three years.
Siemens Healthineers has established an angiography and interventional X-ray systems R&D and manufacturing project in Shenzhen.
To make full use of Shenzhen’s existing cluster of intelligent terminal device producers, Microsoft planned to set up its “Shenzhen-Microsoft Educational Information Technology Eco-system Industry Alliance Center.”
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics plans to construct a communications equipment research institute in China, focused on the research and development of base stations, cutting-edge communications technology and technology in other sectors for China and the world’s communications equipment markets.
SAS Intelligent Manufacturing Big Data Innovation Center.
SHT plans to cooperate with BTR (the world’s largest supplier of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries) and HKC (a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of consumer electronics).
App Inc.
Apple Inc. plans to establish its South China Regional Operations Center in Shenzhen, to be positioned as Apple’s regional hub for South China as well as its procurement hub for South China and Southeast Asia.
Airbus (China) Innovation Center
Airbus plans to establish an Airbus (China) Innovation Center in Shenzhen as the only innovation center set up by Airbus Group in the Asia Pacific region.
Kasikorn Bank (China) Co., Ltd.
With registered assets of 3 billion yuan, Kasikorn Bank (China) Co., Ltd. is a licensed financial institution founded by Kasikorn Bank with independent legal person qualification.
Qualcomm’s Shenzhen Innovation Center
Qualcomm’s Shenzhen Innovation Center will allow the corporation to consolidate and enhance its resources and investment in Shenzhen, and equip itself with multiple globally-leading laboratories.